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From : Your Host, Listen to Your Soul

FREE 5 Guided Meditation tracks for a Stronger YOU!
This 5 Guided Meditation helps you:

– Achieve Peace and Oneness
– Ultimate Relaxation
– Improved Relationships
– Unleash Your Full Potential
– Accelerated Healing

With this EXCLUSIVE gift, you will not lack a single thing when it comes to understanding the intricate secrets of achieving your goals and supplying that tool to others.

Simply Click the button below and get it all 5 for FREE.
Gift Value = $79

From : Guest Host, Shambhala Secrets

Wealth Of Shambhala
Discover the mystical Wealth of Shambhala!

This proven-to-work audio track is blessed with a special frequency
known as “Jupiter’s Orbit”…

Allowing you to receive creative inspiration…
Elevate your mood, reduce stress…

Granting you good luck and success.
Listen to it daily to experience its magical benefits.

Grab your copy now before it’s gone!
Gift Value = $59

From : Quantum Divinity

The Abundance Mindset
Discover How to Be in a Mindset that Creates a Vibration of Abundance, Masters the Ability to Envision Success and Attune Your Mind for Wealth and Health.

So if You Have Been Having Financial Difficulty, or You Feel that Your Life Has Become Very Stagnant.

Not Only Will It Show You the Path to Create Abundance, It Will Shift Your Mindset and Cause You to Prosper in All Areas of Your Life.
Value = $67

From : jayden harrold

(NEW) Spiritual Balance MP3
Spiritual Balance is a form of meditation that is peaceful, gentle and powerful...

This deeply, soothing audio will heal your entire being -- Physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Embedded with peaceful and ambient frequencies with a completely new touch to help you get "On Path".

Once you start listening to this track, you'll be guided into the deepest states of relaxation

Download it now!
Value = $108

From : Your Mystery Friend

Your 2020 Enneagram Reading
Today marks an important day.

Your manifestation power is at an all time high...

Take this Enneagram Personality Type to help you soar in 2020.

From the role of an achiever to the challenger...

Each specific role has it's pros and cons and by understanding your own role, you will begin to develop
better career choices, better relationships, better spirituality and more!

If you are keen to improving your life and living the best version of yourself,

Click here to request your reading!
Value = $97

From : Michael Darwin

Money Blessing Chakra
I know.. you have been working so hard for the past few years....
But you are still going from paychecks to paychecks...
And sometimes... it is not even enough...
But everything is going to change starting from today
You will attract the true blessing of wealth and prosperity...
It is a hidden chakra within us...
and we are going to unlock for you this chakra.
So start your journey of abundance wealth today!
Value = $197

From : World Of Alternatives

Gamma Mind Ebook
This is the book that will show you:
An Amazing Mind Hack that Allows You to Meditate Like a Tibetan Monk Within Minutes
Full listings and programs for Gamma Brainwave Frequencies
Cutting Edge Research Develops Stunning New Brainwave Downloads
Value = $47

From : The Universe

3 Minutes Money Manifesting Meditation
Hey, you did not stumble upon this by chance.

You are literally 3 minutes away from manifesting life changing wealth.

Discover how to..

1. Raise your Personal Vibrations to Attract The Wealth You Truly Deserve..

2. Release OLD limiting beliefs and money blocks that are subconsciously holding you back from manifesting money..

3. Tune into NEW higher wealth consciousness to embrace free flowing prosperity into your life..

Listen 3 mins daily and watch how your money energy changes!
Value = $107

From : Martin Cartor

Spiritual Connection MP3
This PREMIUM Audio will take you on a journey that inspires feelings of wholeness, healing and heart awakening!

The incredibly relaxing mystical atmosphere will help you into an ever deepening state of relaxation..

Once you've immersed in the serenity and blissfulness of "Spiritual Connection", it will uplift your beautiful soul and manifest the life of your dreams.

You absolutely have to download this now!
Value = $109

From : Perfect Path

8 Minutes To Confidence Guided Meditation
You deserve to live your best, most fulfilled life. But without confidence that will be hard to do.

Luckily I’ve found The Ultimate Dynamic Duo For Essential Confidence Building

• This gift merges the amazing benefits of both guided meditation and empowering affirmations in a soothing confidence building audio!

Using this gift to boost confidence will help you see things from a very different perspective, a universal perspective, by tuning out the negatives and focusing on the positives.
Value = $47

From : The Astrology Magic

The Magic of Astrology
[NEW] Your magical guide to astrology.

Decode magical signs from the universe to answer your deepest prayers.

Discover your destiny, personality profile, true love and your perfect career through the guidance of the stars.
Value = $97

From : Abundance Chamber

Chakra Activation 2020
Activate your 7 Chakras This 2020!

The Rapid Healing Technique along with the chakra meditation outlined below is a new way to process and heal negative emotions.

Remove blockages in the meridian system and clear and balance the human energetic system.

Wealth, Health and Abundance awaiting...

Hurry download your free copy now!
Value = $97

From : James Maxwell

Secret to Fill Your Day with Miracle!
Make gratitude a part of your everyday life with a few simple steps.

By the end of this 30-day gratitude challenge, you’ll have a solid gratitude habit that infuses each day with positivity and happiness.

Gratitude the key to a happy life!

Life is a game. And failing to exercise the gratitude muscle is a losing strategy. Be grateful non-stop for the next 30 days. What could it hurt?

Download now to start your journey to JOY!
Value = $48

From : Universe Love

Magic of Miracles
The Magic of Miracles

Bring a moment of escape to those in need through performance and teaching of magic.

How many times have you said to yourself or have you heard someone else say, "If I could only do that," or, "If that would ever happen to me it would be a Miracle!"

In this book, you'll learn that miracles are happening all around us, in our lives and in the lives of our friends.

They are constantly happening, only most of us are unaware of them.

Create your Magic of Miracles today!
Value = $97

From : Angel's Blessings

11:11 Cosmic Numerology
The Universe Has A Message For You

To Let You Discover Your True Path and Destiny. So That You Can Unleash Your Hidden Strength and Potential.

Decode The Mystical Message and Become One With The Universe

Life Full of Happiness and Abundance Awaits...
Value = $107
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